Ads: 11 Major Types Of Advertising To Use.

Advertising has all sorts of names. So do its strategies and types.

Understanding the various types of advertising in Nigeria is very important in other for you to make good advertising decisions or better still, make a good choice for an advertising agency to work for you.

types of advertising

What Is Advertising?

Julius Klein, head of the US Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce stated that Advertising is the key to world prosperity.

While the American secretary of commerce Herbert Hoover called Advertising as a vital force in our national life.

Any situation in which an identified sponsor pays to deliver their messages through a medium is advertising.

The main purpose of advertising is to deliver the proper message to customers and prospective customers.

Also to inform the consumers about their product and convince customers that a company’s product or services are the best.

There is a clear-cut difference between advertising and public relations.

In that advertisers or sponsors pay for and have control over whatever they have paid for.

The message shared in the course of advertising can be communicated through various means which can be classified into Traditional Media such as Newspapers, radio, television, magazines, outdoor advertising or radio and New media such as search results, blogs, social media, websites, email marketing or text messages.

History of Advertising
NY Times Square

History of advertising in Nigeria

History of advertising in Nigeria can be traced back to the early 20th century and was basically seen in the daily printed newspapers and posters.

Print media advertising was the most prominent type of advertising in Nigeria due to the slow spread rate for electronic appliances like television and radio among Nigerian households.

Types of advertising-Print Media
Print Media Magazine

Political campaigns and religious crusade announcements made wall posters advertisements the best form of street advertising in Nigeria as the time.

3 Types of Advertising Strategies

Advertisement strategies in Nigeria may be categorized in a variety of ways, including style, target audience, geographic scope, medium, or purpose.

Advertising in Nigeria can be directed towards local consumption (such as the advert campaign run by your neighborhood Pure water company), or National (i.e  Jumia Black Friday Advertisement or any Nigerian bank campaign example 737 advertisement by GTBank ).

And some advertisements in Nigeria are designed to carter for global audiences (such as Dangote Advertisement as shown on CNN)

There are Three reasons for advertisement strategies in Nigeria:

  • To raise awareness

(Brand advertising such as the current MUNCH IT snacks advertisement, Minimie Chin Chin advertisement campaign ).

  • To boost sales of a particular product.
Types of Advertising In lagos
Pepsi 100naira campaign in Lagos Nigeria

For example, a Hundred Naira Pepsi drink advertisement campaign of 2017 was not to promote Pepsi but to boost the dropping sales of the product.

  • To re-orientate the masses.

La Casera Drink makers were faced with the dilemma of correcting the bad images created about the drink by some roadside mechanics when they started using the drink to unscrew harden bolts and use clear corrosive stains.

La Casera proactively pushed out several advertisements to correct this negative impression.

What Are The Types of Advertising In Nigeria?

Any medium can be used for advertising, but the level of audience exposure must always be considered before choosing the type of advertising that best soothes your business.

Advertisement can be separated into two different types in Nigeria.

The Traditional Media form of advertisement and New Media.

  1. Television Advertising
Types of Advertising-Television-advertising
List of Notable Television Stations

It’s one of the most expensive types of advertising in Nigeria and it’s responsible for over 34% of total advert spend in Nigeria in 2017.

The engagement rates and effectiveness of your television advertisement basically depend on the choice of audience and quality of Advert Film created.

So it’s important to choose an engaging television station for your TV advert placement and also create engaging Advert video.

  1. Social Media Ads
types of advertising-social media ads
Social Media Ads

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are all social media sites that offer programmatic social media ads.

Paid social media ads are the kind of advertisement that focuses on reaching your target audience with how much you pay adjusted to how many see it and engage with it.

  1. Radio Ads

Broadcasting your advert on-air through radio stations is a very good idea.

It is not as expensive as television and it has a high rate of audience engagement and advert assimilation.

Take this popular advert song for example: “Honeywell…NoodlesBam…Bam…Lala…Bam…Bam…Lala”

Honeywell Noodles Famous Advert

Research has shown that over 50% of Lagosians will tune their radio to one station or the other daily, most especially working days.  

  1. Print Media Advertising
Print Media Types of Advertising
Print Media Advertising

This can also be described as a print medium such as a newspaper, magazine, trade journal, church bulletin or end of the yearbook in schools.

We can get two forms of advertising under print media as Classified Advertising and Display advertising.

One thing that makes print advertising very prominent is the longevity of nature and advert retention.

In other words, a Print advertisement published on January 1st newspaper can still be communicated to readers and convert them to customers even after 5years of publishing (provided the information is still relevant). 

  1. Outdoor Advertising
Types of advertising-Billboard
Man In the Box Billboard, Lagos

Have you ever noticed large structures located in public places which display advertisements to passing pedestrians and motorists?  

Most often they are located on main roads with a large amount of human traffic.

This form of advertising is also known as street advertising.

They are available in Billboards, lampposts, digital screens, Vehicle branding (BRT Bus Branding), Cargo truck branding, etc.
Outdoor advertising is good to build trust and engagement between advertisers and customers.

  1. In-Store Advertising
Types of Advertising
In-Store Advertising

This form of advertisement can also be called Point of sale.

They are advertisements visible in retail stores around Nigeria most especially big shopping malls.

There’s also the human in-store promoters that stand to convince shoppers in buying their promoted products.

In-Store advertising has a way of convincing or helping potential buyers to pick your product your competitors’ product.

Positively, In-store advertising gives a product over 250% return on investment.

  1. Influential Advertising

In the year 2005, Nigerian popular musician 2face Idibia endorses Guinness beer for influential advertising’s sake.

Advertising in which a popular face or figure endorses a product or brand is called Influential advertising or Celebrity advertising.

Currently, Reminisce is a brand ambassador for Orijin Beer, Burna Boy is recently the face of Star Lager beer,  while Wizkid and Co are Pepsi ambassadors.

Types of advertising influential ads
Burna Boy Endorsed By Star

However, to use a celebrity to endorse a brand can have its downsides, because one mistake by the celeb can have a negative effect on the image of the product brand.

  1. Market Activations Ads

This is a form of advertising that is similar to In-store advertising and it has a proven track record of effective brand activations in major Nigerian markets.

Market activation is simply by taking the products directly to the customers and carrying out direct sales in commercial markets in Nigeria.

Recently, Unilever (Makers of Maggi Seasoning cubes ) employed some agencies to take their products’ promotions directly to different major markets in Nigeria, and it was a great success.

Market Activation Types of
Market Activation
  1. Novelty Advertising

Advertising printed on small tangible items such as coffee mugs, T-shirts, bags, pens and such is known as Novelty advertising.

Types of Advertising
Novelty Advertising By Nokia

Advert on fast food containers or take away packs is a good way of cross-promoting your business through Novelty advertising in Nigeria. 

  1. Aerials Advertising

Using helium gas Balloons or hot air balloons or skybranding to promote your brands is a great form of engaging customers in Nigeria.

Although this form of advertisement is not very popular yet in Lagos.

Adopting this form of adverting will create a huge viral share among social media users in Nigeria.

  1. Guerrilla Advertising
Types of Advertising
Guerrilla Advertising Stunt

Remember the Orange Men that stormed the street of Lagos back in the mid-’90s?

Back then they were advertising Crush Orange Soft Drink.

Remember the lady that ran into the pitch during 2019 UEFA Champions League finals – Vitali Uncensored?

Types of Advertising
Advertising Stunt

That was a negative guerrilla marketing but the world was caught by surprise.

Billboards are literally everywhere.

Consumers have developed a kind of ad-blocking sub-conscious mindset.

They know where ads will be and they simply ignore them.

This is what is called Advert Blindness or Mental Ad blocking

It is prominent now more than ever, for your advert to be seen, remembered and above all effective, it’s important to change the way you present your adverts (brands, services or products) introduce novelty or better still guerrilla marketing into your advertising.

Guerilla advertising simply means the usage of surprises, unexpected and unconventional tactics on a little financial budget to make a lasting impression.

Big companies can also use these tactics too, with a bigger budget, and yet their messages would be passed accordingly.

This form of advertising is not commonly used in Nigeria but if properly adopted and creatively delivered it will generate a wild-fire buzz for the product advertised.

Types of Advertising Media to Consider

Having listed all the major types of advertising that you can use to advertise your product or services.

It is important to categorize the types of advertising into their different types of advertising media.

  1. Traditional Media

Traditional media is a type of advertising media where Television Advertising and Radio Advertising can be categorized.

2. Print Media

Although, this form of advertising media can also be categorized under Traditional media. But as a type of advertising media, Print Media is large enough to stand alone.

Newspapers, magazines, Journals, etc, belong to this category.

  1. Social Media or Online Media

Your social media networking (Facebook, Twitter, google ads) advertising platforms plus your pay-per-clicks advertisings are all in this category.

  1. Outdoor Media (Out of Home Advertising)
Types of Advertising
Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising, BRT bus branding (transportation vehicle branding), Posters / Stickers advertising, and public service announcement form of advertisements.

How To Advertise Consumable Products (Chin Chin, Drinks, Chips, Beverages, etc) In Nigeria

The most successful entrepreneurs or businesses always start with the Marketing Question and strategies, because before customers will know and retain your brand identity or product name, you must think of how to acquire the customers first.

So what are the best and most effective ways of advertising fast-moving consumer goods like chinchin, chips, beverages, snacks, etc in Nigeria without breaking the bank? In this segment of the article, Virads media will help you discover the best advertising methods that soothe you.

  1. Product Name Awareness:
    10years ago in Nigeria, what will come to mind when you hear the following names: Minimie, Kolaq, Luna, Bigi, etc? Definitely, you will not think about ChinChin, Bitter Drinks, Milk, and Soft drinks beverages respectively. However, the product name awareness strategy had made the general public put the names and products they represent side by side.
  2. Brand Awareness
    As you are promoting the name of your product, you must promote the brand of your product with it side by side as well. Your business brand is the philosophy and ideology your product represents.

    When you think of Milo for example, what color comes to your mind first?
    Is it Yellow….? Nope…
    |Is it Green…? Yes, you are right. The green identity of Milo will flash to your mind and the words like VITALITY, HEALTHY CHILDREN, ATHLETIC kids, etc.
    This shows how effectively Nestle Nigeria Limited had advertised the Milo product name along with the brand to Nigerians. Your small business must also replicate the same strategy without breaking the bank.

In Conclusion

A good advertising team must know when to use any of the types of advertising listed above.

You need to strategically plan for your company’s advertising executions.

The type of advertising strategies or media that you should adopt to promote your business should be based on the volume of research you have done over the period of time.

A lot of your advertising budgets would be wasted if you don’t select the right type of advertising to adopt for your business.

   Virads Media Advertising agency is an advertising agency that can manage the campaign for your new product launch, and professionally manage your advertising account. We have a team of experts in all types of advertising in Nigeria.

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