Cost Of Mega Led Screen Rental For Events In Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt Or Anywhere Else)

Live video broadcasting is taking up the live events industry – creating more fascinating engagements for audiences like never before.

digital led screen rental in Nigeria

With a society hooked on technology, video displays on high-quality resolution led screen is now competing for the crowd’s attention with an on-stage live performance or delivering a compelling company presentation.

Whether it’s a company event, tradeshow, exhibit, conference presentation, or a live concert, video walls and digital led screens bring content to life and build brands.

But before you hire a digital Screen or mega led screen for your event in Nigeria, it’s advisable to have a little knowledge about the standard cost of renting a led screen in Lagos or Abuja compared to how much it will cost you to rent the same screen anywhere else in Nigeria.

high Resolution led screen

Aside from knowing the cost of led screen rental, you must also be able to identify the type of Led screen you are paying for and the dimension of led screens.

To avoid being charged for a top-quality led screen and get served with a low-quality screen.

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Virads media is a reputable Led Screen Company in Nigeria with an Exceptional price for the Rental corporations and their clients.

We’ve written this article to guide you on digital-led screen rental in Nigeria.

Types of Mega Led screen to hire for events in Nigeria

There are 4 types of LED screens that can be used for any events in Nigeria.
They are rated according to their pitches or distances to the viewers.

Pitch 2.5, Pitch 4, Pitch 6 and Pitch 10

types of led screens in Nigeria

You will need to hire Pitch 2.5 Led Screen if your event audience is within 2.5meters – 1meters range closeness to the screen.

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In this case, Pitch 2.5 will be the best screen to hire for them, if you hire pitch 6 or Pitch 10 to display in such an event; the brightness of the screen will be highly intense for your audience and they could be uncomfortable.

digital led screen in Nigeria

For an event that the viewers will be at least 10meters away from the led screen, the best screen to hire is pitch 10 (P10 LED screen) as this will perfectly display your content with the sharpest quality.

Also note, that Pitch 10 Led screen is the best to hire if you want to do an Outdoor event or set up the screen in the sun.

Dimensions of Mega Led Screen to Hire In Nigeria.

Any giant digital (Led) screen you see any event is an assemblage of smaller led screens called Cabinets.

One led screen cabinet is usually 5.76mm (wide) x 3.84mm (high)

Led screen cabinet
a led screen cabinet sample

6 of these cabinets assembled will give you the smallest mega led screen you can hire for any event gathering in Nigeria, which is 9feet by 6feet LED screen, you can then multiple this by how big you want the led screen at your event to be.


For example, if you want to hire a 12feet by 9 feet led screen, in this case, you have to rent two of 9feet by 6feet Led screens.  

Cost of Outdoor / Indoor Led screen rental in Lagos, Nigeria

Whether you are hosting a corporate event, musical concert, conference, cinema, or wedding, birthday in Lagos, our LED screens guarantee perfect images to every member of your audience indoor or outdoor.

The lowest cost of led screen rental in Lagos is 150,000naira for a 9feet by 6feet sized mega Led screen depending on how early you book for the led screen.

The cost can get as high as 200, 000naira or 250,000 naira if you don’t get to book on time for the led screen, as demand can be more than supply.

In such a situation, the highest bidder wins.

However, this cost of led screen excludes transportation costs to the venue.

So it’s important you budget for the transport cost along with the screen rentals.

Cost of Indoor / Outdoor Led screen rental in Abuja, Nigeria

 The average cost to hire a quality pitch 10 Led screen for an event in Abuja is 200,000 naira to set up and maintained for the period of the event.

This cost can increase to 250,000 naira or 300,000 naira for a 9feet by 6 feet led screen, when the demand becomes higher than the led screen supply.

It’s always advisable to book ahead of time to avoid competitions.

Mega Led Screen Company in Nigeria.

Virads Media offerings are broad and have some common characteristics that set our led screen apart from just renting.

Our led screens are weather-proof and can be used in the rain; the brightness ensures an excellent viewing experience – even under direct sunlight.

Led Screen Company In Nigeria
LED screen order delivered by Virads Media


From high brightness displays to weather-proof styles, from flexible-fixed displays for mounting to truss to wear-proof technology for flooring applications, our product will withstand the strain of public environments.

Led Screen Company In Nigeria
Virads Media Led Screen Partners In China

Wide viewing angles, weather-resistant styles, and therefore the ability to square up to high close lightweight area unit crucial factors for out of doors | an outside | an out of doors

Creative Visual Technology for Flexibility

Virads media led screens are designed for events giant and little.

They work well because the backdrop for an outdoor concert, inside a building, with Clever engineering overall makes our company’s product ideal for varied rental and staging desires.

In conclusion

We will love to help you bring high resolution engaging video into your next event anywhere in Nigeria.

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