How To Create a Website With Just 1,500 naira ($4USD): Step-By-Step Guide on How To Design a Website for your Business in Nigeria.

Making money online in Nigeria is easy when you have your personal or business website.

By creating your own website, you will expand your reach to a larger audience across the globe and your website can also help you build a steady stream of online (passive) income.

how to create a website from scratch
How To Create A Website

In recent times, creating a professional website can now be done by anyone (either male or female, tech-savvy or not) and it’s now very cheap, for as low as 1,500 naira ($ 4USD) if you could use any of the web-hosting recommendations I will share with you in this post.

Are you interested in creating a professional website for your blogging delights or for your business, you can easily do that by following this step-by-step guide on how to design a website without any technical know-how.

One of the best skills I have been able to acquire in my online business journey in Nigeria, is the skill of how to create a website for my businesses and blogging ideas.

I want to share this knowledge with you without having any difficulties.

how to design a website
How To Create A Website

In this post, I will teach how to create a website from the scratch either with or without a website builder, I will introduce you to the best web hosting companies ( Bluehost, Dreamhost and Qservers) that you can use and I will also guide you step by step on how to make your own website that will be beautiful and more professional looking.

Before we proceed on how to create a website from scratch, it’s important you know the benefits of having a website and the types of website.

Why do I need a website for my business in Nigeria?

The first place people go when looking for a product or service is the web. So if you don’t have a website for your business, you will be missing the attraction of high buying customers.

A website helps every business to promote and sell their products and services, connect with new customers and also keep existing customers.

You need a business website to build credibility and compete with bigger plus better transactions or bid for contracts.

You will also be able to build your brand and keep your marketing fresh and current.

Above all having a website for your small or medium business enterprise is much easier and more affordable than you might think.

How To Make a WordPress Website For Beginners (Recommended Video Tutorial)

Do you prefer learning how to create a website by watching a YouTube video?

If YES…then I will recommend this video by Tyler Moore for you.

However, it’s important for you to know that;

“The best way & the only way to learn how to create a website is by making a website step-by-step alongside as you are learning the skill…”

Expert Website Developer.

Therefore, I will encourage you to make a bold move today and buy a website plan from either Bluehost (if you’re outside Nigeria) or Qservers (if you’re within Nigeria).
-These are the best Webhosting companies for beginners.

After buying a website plan, kindly follow the step by step guide in this video. You will be surprised how easy it is to create your first website.

If you follow this tutorial to the end, you stand the chance of learn more basic knowledge on how to create a website

What are the benefits of having a website In Nigeria?

You don’t need to have a business before you consider having a website for yourself.

I’m sure you are wondering why start-a-website when there are so many out there already?

How could you compete? But, it’s important to remember, even if your website isn’t the most popular one out there, it can still have big benefits for you.

For your information, some Nigerian owned websites that have been in existence for over 5years with domain authority of more than 35, are now worth Multi-million US dollars each.
Such websites like Nairaland, LindaIkejiBlog, BellaNaija, Tooxclusive, NotJustOk, 360Nobs, and Naijaloaded to mention but few.

They all amass this great wealth by doing just two things: They created and maintained the existence of their websites and continually add quality content as often as possible.

Share What You Love – You can create a website to share what you love doing with people around the world.
LindaIkeji started her blog to make money from her passion for gossip.

Consult for others – Want to become a consultant and share your expertise to help others? You need a website can help you do that.

Connect with New People – A website of your own can help you connect with other like-minded people from all over the world.

Make Extra Money (Passive Income) – With Google ads, Affiliate marketing (which one of the best ways), or your selling products online, you can build a website to make yourself some passive money on the side.

Showcase your employability skill to get a new Job – By creating a professional website, you can showcase your previous works, skills, or abilities and get a better new job. Several employers are looking for candidates online.

Promote Your Business – If you have an existing business, you can start a website to promote your business and get new customers online.

Plus, these days, starting a website is so easy. So, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own website, whether it’s for business, or for fun.

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7 Different Types of websites

It’s very important for you to know the types of websites available around the world before you create your own website from scratch.

The type of website you desire to build is a great way of knowing how your website should look like and they type of menus or template you need on your website.

In Nigeria or anywhere in the world, there are 7 types of websites worthy of note.
I will go over each of them below to help you know the type of website you want to create.

  1. Blog Website

If you want to share your knowledge on a particular topic, spread breaking news in politics, technology, etc, teach people how to cook your new-found recipe or share your traveling experiences, then you should start a blog website.

Blogs aren’t just for fun anymore, you can actually make money from a blog by adding ads, sell a course, and add affiliate links.

A blog is an information-sharing website with relevant content, articles, or posts written to inform, get people’s opinion about something, or present ideas.

Some popular blogging niches include Tech, How to cook, Food/Nutrition/Health, Lifestyle/Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Parenting/Pregnancy Care, Travel/Tourism, Finances/Budgeting.

Some examples of popular blogs in Nigeria and the rest of the world include Golforbes, LindaIkejiBlog, CorrectBro, Pulse NG, YNaija, (and the foreign blogs include ) Huffington Post, Mashable, Washington Post, DailyMail UK, and so on.

  1. Online Store / Ecommerce Website.

An online store is also known as an eCommerce website, where people can purchase products directly from a website.

You have visited a number of eCommerce websites before, most big e-commerce brands in operations in Nigeria are Jiji, Jumia, Konga, Amazon, and so on.
If you plan to sell products on your website, you’ll want to create an online store.  

E-commerce website, requires shopping cart, payment gateway, product listing, product images, product descriptions, and prices.

  1. Social Network Website

I’m sure you know Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms are all social networking websites.

If want to create an online community that allows like-minded people to connect with each other? You may have to consider starting a social network site.

  1. Forums Website

A forum website is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

Forums are usually organized and arranged into different topics so that users can easily find what they’re looking for.

The most popular example of a forum website in Nigeria is Nairaland. Some other popular forum websites around the world include Quora and Reddit.

If you want to create an online community for users to discuss a topic or a variety of topics, consider creating a forum website.

  1. Static Business Website

A website is called static when the content in it is unchanging, rarely updated website that represents and promotes a specific business.

They are just like road side billboards that directs people to your business information such as locations, about the business, price, reviews, testimonials, contact address etc.

It is advisable for all businesses to not only have but also maintain at least a static website in this present age and time.

  1. Aggregator / Marketplace Websites

An online marketplace website is sort of a type of website that serve as an aggregator to different businesses rending the same service or selling the products.

A very good example of an aggregator website is Alibaba and Aliexpress. Although these above websites serve as an eCommerce website, they also double as an online marketplace (aggregator) for diverse business owners selling different products mostly in China or Asia.

  1. Membership or Community Websites

A membership site is a subscription based website. Whereby users without an active subscription won’t be able to access the content within the site.

You can easily turn any website into a membership site using WordPress plugins like ProfilePress or MemberPress.

How To Make Your Own Website for Free In Nigeria.

Free Website Builders

Let me share a story with you from my personal experience.

In August 2017, I started Virads Media Advertising Agency as a professional advertising agency to help small and medium enterprises achieve effective advertising without spending much money like the big multinationals.

I spent a lot of my advertising budgets on trying to reach the SME across Nigeria through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn but to no avail.

Then after a few months of Social media advertising without leads, I was left with no money to further my campaign. So I had no choice but to re-strategize my marketing approach.

I resolved to what is called Content Marketing. I created a free content website that will direct clients to my business website.

Guess what happened!

Within just two months after launching the free website, the story of my company changed dramatically.

I started receiving calls from different SME businesses (clients) across Nigeria, and money started coming in without spending a dime on social media advertising again.

How To Create A Free Website In Nigeria?

If you want to make your own business website for free in Nigeria (most especially when you want to make a blog site or business static site) I will personally advise you to use is different from (I will talk about that later in the post) is the best free website builder that I will recommend to you in Nigeria.

You don’t need to pay for domain and you don’t need to code or design how your website will look.

All you are required to do is to sign up, choose your domain, select a theme, and start publishing your content. (Details on how to set up a free website below)

Advantages of using Free version.

  • Google Page ranking and SEO indexing: Your content SEO on get favored by Google faster than any other free website builder I know.

  • Cheaper paying version:  If you want to move to the paying version, has a cheaper version.

  • Over 4-gigabyte media storage for Pictures, Gif, or Videos.

Disadvantages of using Free Version

  • Your business URL will have a WordPress extension. For example ( my first blog site)
  • The website theme is limited, meaning the beauty of your website is restricted.
  • Limited media storage space.
  • Unable to share your post to social media, unless you upgrade to a premium plan.

Here is How To Create A Free Website on In 3 Simple Steps.

Visit click on Start Your Website Button.

How To Create A Free Website In Nigeria

Sign Up with your details (Usually Email address, Username, and Password)

How To Create A Free Website In Nigeria
Step 1

Type a Free Domain Name for your website (a unique name)

How To Create A Free Website In Nigeria
Step 2
How To Create A Free Website In Nigeria
Domain Name Extensions

Note this however, if you want a Free website on wordpress, you must select the at your “” extension.

How To Create A Free Website In Nigeria
Select the Free domain with wordpress extension

Stick to your plan of wanting a Free Website, so select the “Start With A Free Site” option.

How To Create A Free Website In Nigeria
Select Start With A Free Site

Congratulations…your free website is ready to publish. Click on View Site or Click on Write to post your first article.

How To Create A Free Website In Nigeria
Make Sure You Confirm Your Email Address.

Remember, there are several limitations to using a Free website for online business. You don’t want to appear like a non-professional before your potential clients.

So it’s advisable you learn how to create a website from scratch instead of using a free website builder.

 Web Page Design – Understanding the features of web page design

Permit me to explain this topic with a simple illustration.

A man who desired to live in a duplex with his family can achieved his desire by doing one of the following options:

One, he can buy land, buy bricks and build his own duplex from the scratch up by himself without hiring the services of any construction company ( This process of building a website is known as Website development which requires you coding your website with HTML, CSS and PHP programming language)

Two, he can employ the service of Construction Company to help him handle the building process & supervising ( This is the process of employing a website building company to help you create your website such company is Virads Media)

Three, the man can rent a duplex apartment and moved in without going through the rigors of buying land or supervising the building process (This is the process of using a website builder to build a website. Although, it seems to be the easiest approach at the long run the man will never be the landlord or the house owner)

Finally, the man can buy an already built duplex of his choice and re-adjust it to his taste and specifications (This is approach is by far the best way of building a website and it’s called building a website with the, this approach is what we will later discuss in details today)

Illustratively, creating your own website is like building a duplex or three bedrooms bungalow.

Here are further explanations On how to create a website;

What is Web Hosting?

From the illustration, the land on which the man built his duplex is called the Web Hosting Space in terms of building your website.

As lands has different dimensions or sizes or house building (plots, acre, hectare etc) so does web hosting space has different plans for website building.

The reason for this is simple: you cannot buy a plot of land to build a Stadium, you will need something larger than that.

So also, if you want to build a website as large as Facebook, you will need to buy a suitable web hosting plan that will accommodate your website size.

I strongly advise you to buy your website land (web hosting space) with a reputable web hosting companies like Bluehost (USA & anywhere), Dreamhost (the USA only), and Qservers (For Nigerian users).

What Is A Domain Name?

As houses has unique house addresses, so also does every existing website has unique name you will give your website.

A domain name is the website address to locate your website and also describe what your website is meant for.

For example, is the domain name of this website (while the dot com is a domain name extension, )

Check your domain availability below.

URL Uniform Resource Locator is different from domain name.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL is a Secure Sockets Layer certificate (SSL certificate).

The primary reason why SSL is used is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can access it.

To get a Free SSL certificate for your website, you need to contact your service provider to help you install a Free SSL certificate on your website.

Recommended Web Hosts and their advantages

  1. Bluehost Web Host ( Highly recommended for users in the USA and the rest of the world)
best web hosting company in Nigeria
Bluehost Service Provider

Bluehost was founded in the year 2003 with one specific goal: to make a better hosting company. They have since grown to be the best web hosting company in the world.

Bluehost is officially recommended by along with two other web hosts Dreamhost and Siteground.

Of course, you can use almost any web hosting provider to create a WordPress website but the fact that Bluehost and Dreamhost are one of the major web host companies officially recognized partners of without biases is a laudable achievement.

7 Advantages of Choosing Bluehost As Your Website Host.

Bluehost is easy to use for beginners.

Bluehost has the best Uptime record according uptime study.

Bluehost hosted websites enjoy a very fast “Load” speed of 405ms

Bluehost has one of the lowest starting prices of $3.95/month. With Free SSL certificate, 50GB SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth.

Best web host in Nigeria
Bluehost Beginners Plans

Bluehost allows many App integrations and eCommerce features.

Bluehost offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all their plans.

Bluehost offer their customers 24/7 live chats (customer support)

What Bluehost Customers Are Saying About the Web Hosting Company.

“Bluehost is a great hosting site with excellent prices. I have been using Bluehost for approximately 2years now and have had a great experience with using WordPress and theme. They have been there to help and resolve the issues. They notify you of any updates and I have been very pleased with all aspects of their hosting services.”

Karen March 7, 2020

According to Terri; he said and I quote;

“Bluehost is a great service and it’s very good for beginners- “I was completely new to having a website. The pricing is fair and relatively inexpensive. Whenever I have questions, I’m able to get answers through their web chat or phone call.

I was able to build a basic website using their available free options through Bluehost”

Terri with Nti June, 2018

My overall conclusion is that Bluehost is the best web hosting service provider that will your website with strong performance and good value.

  1. Dreamhost Web Host (Highly recommended for users in the USA only)
Best web host in Nigeria
Dreamhost – How To Create A Website

Dreamhost is probably the oldest web host service provider still around. Founded in the year 1996 with credibility and performance that remain solid to date, maintaining uptime of 99.94% and above-average page speeds of 648ms.

They have hosted over 1.5million websites.

Dreamhost has two starter plans Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited. The former cost $2.59/month for 3 years. While the latter cost $5.95/Month for 3years. It includes unlimited websites, a free domain name, a free SSL certificate, and unlimited traffic.

Advantages of using Dreamhost as Your Website Host.

Dreamhost offers unlimited disk space, network, and a free domain for the first year on all annual hosting plans.

Dreamhost has no higher renewal price increase. That means your plan will renew on the same pricing that you initially purchased from the beginning.

Dreamhost has the highest basic plan features. You get one website with a free domain name and SSL certificate included. This plan can accommodate unlimited traffic and storage.

best web host in Nigeria
Dreamhost Price Plans

Dreamhost payment methods include Money order, Credit card, Paypal, Check, and Checking Account.

Dreamhost account activation is quick.

Unfortunately, Dreamhost has one disadvantage compared to Bluehost, they offer only 97days money-back guarantee for their customers unlike 30days money back offered by Bluehost.

What Dreamhost Customers Are Saying About the Web Hosting Company.

Positive feedbacks are flooding in by Dreamhost users across the globe, one of them is Aaron Paden acknowledges having been using Dreamhost for over 20 years. In his feedback he said and I quote:

“I’ve been using Dreamhost as a “nonpro” for over 20 years maybe? I make ugly websites or small community stuff – I’m not proud but they work! Anyway as a nonpro.

I’ve been able to find what I need because they do an AWESOME job of documenting everything. I think I have only contacted customer service 2 times in twenty years?  I mean excellent documentation. Even a moron can do anything they need-just look for it and then carefully follow direction.

I have helped others with other hosting services that cost more and are down more and the documentation was terrible” –

Aaron Paden March, 2020

According to another customer by the name Val Todorov:  

Dreamhost has exception tech support-

“I’ve been a Dreamhost customer since 2006. As a whole, they provide very good service. However, what they really stand out  (for me at least) is their exceptional tech support.

Their tech personal is very knowledgeable, professional, and also friendly. They make you feel they really care. Not only all the problems I contacted them about got fixed in a timely manner, but they also explained what exactly was giving the issue and gave tips on how to avoid it in the future….”  

Val Todorow October, 2019

Overall conclusion is that Dreamhost has a long-lasting reputation and legacy you can bank on as your web hosting service provider.

Dreamhost web hosting performance is pretty good across all aspects, from reliable uptime to quick loading times.

I strongly recommend Dreamhost as one of the best web hosting service provider you can trust.

  1. Qservers Web Hosting Company ( Best Web Hosting Provider in Nigeria)     
Best web host in Nigeria
How To Create A Website

Qservers had been in existence for over 10years, and one of the major reasons they are the best for Nigerian online business terrain is there excellent customer support systems, a quick website set up, and creative assistance in the ways they provide their services.

Aside from Web hosting services, Qservers offers other different services ranging from domain name registration, domain availability check, website design services, SSL certificate offering, Virtual Private Server, and Dedicated Server hosting.

They are available all round the clock on email. But the phone and chat customer support is 8 am to 7 pm Mondays to Saturday.

For as low as 500naira per month, you can maintain your website on Qservers web hosting company.

Best Web Host Provider In Nigeria
Qservers Price List

Advantages of using Qservers to host your website in Nigeria.

Qservers gives great value for every penny you spend. They offer affordable pricing and are able to satisfy as many of your requirements.

Qservers staff are dependable and time conscious.

Qservers loading speed is also incredible and you can always bank upon this to run a successful online business in Nigeria.

With over 25,000 registered domains and 21,000 hosted websites under their belt, Qservers clients are giving good feedbacks about the services they have been enjoying from the web hosting service provider.

What Customers Are Saying About the Qservers!

Among their satisfied customers is Nigeria biggest betting website

Here is what the gaming company Chairman said about Qservers:

“I have been a customer to Qservers for many years and in the time I’ve enjoyed an outstanding relationship. From their customer service to their technical support, this firm has kept me completely satisfied and coming back as a customer. Thank you Qservers”

Kunle Soname CEO Bet9ja

One question is, do I recommend Qservers to Nigerian entrepreneurs that is in need of any type of website?

My answer is Yes!

If you want to build your website in Nigeria and you are looking for a perfect Web hosting company to use;  Qservers is the best I will recommend for you.

What is the Difference between Website Builders vs WordPress?

What are Website builders?

how to create a website
Start A Website

Website builders simply mean that anybody can make a website, regardless of technical skill.

Gone are the days, when you must know how to code in HTML, CSS before you can create a simple website.

But website builders had taken all the technical jargon away by introducing a simple drag and drop process to creating your own website without learning any coding language.

Website builders are usually referred to as WYSIWYG meaning What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get!

Wix vs WordPress.

Before I started using WordPress to build my websites (both free and paid), I had built a couple of Free websites with

At first, the experience of using from building to content publishing was amazing until I started facing serious load time issues from their server.

The height of it all was when Wix server slowness cost me 5hours of loading to upload (media + words) and publish a 4,000 words article.

That was the day I realized that using a website builder to create your website is like renting an overpopulated house.

You have no control over the speed of your website, which is very bad.

Another terrible experience I encountered during this period of using to run my website was the cost of going premium on my website.

I was asked to pay $189 USD per year on that’s over 70,000 nairas per annum.

Guess what?

I was able to create the same standard of the website on with just $27USD (10,000naira) for the same period.


One of the most popular website builders platform is, which was started in year 2006.

Wix powered over 1.3% of all the websites whose content management system is known.

According to WebsiteBuilder statistics, has over 154Million users, 4.3Million of which are premium users.

Over 22 Million mobile sites use Wix and there are 332,000 Wix e-commerce users.

Over 44,000 apps are downloaded daily from Wix App Market.

How To Create A Website Tips about WordPress.

WordPress is by far the most popular and widely used content management system with over 60.8% Market share in the CMS market, compared to 2.3% Market share of

WordPress powers 35.2% of all websites on the internet compared to 1.3% of

Over 500+ sites are built each day using wordpress while 40-60 are built on platform like Wix or Squarespace.

WordPress plugin directory can boost of over 55,000 plugins ( I will teach you more about plugins later).

Types of WordPress | What’s the difference between and  ( vs

As I have earlier told you, there are two types of WordPress which are; and

Users can use if you want to create and host your website on WordPress server, just like you want to build your website on the web hosting ( land) provided by WordPress itself.

With you can buy your domain from wordpress or transfer your domain to use. on the other hand allows you to create a wordpress website but you have to install wordpress on your own web hosting server.

Using will give you a lot of freedom and creativity which you can’t get when you use

What are the advantages & disadvantages of using

One of the disadvantages I encountered when using to build my numerous websites was, you can only use templates and plugins from

The implication is; if you are looking for a special feature on your website which doesn’t have, you won’t be able to create such feature on your website (this is a very big restriction).

Another disadvantage of using is that you won’t be able to make changes or tweak the website backend codes. This limits your website functionality and flexibility.

Advantages of using are also numerous but I can only mention a few:

Better SEO ranking: I discovered over the years that the website (Blog) I build on ranked faster on Google SERP than the one I built with and

One of the contents I published on this website is even ranking number one on Google in Nigeria.

Another good thing about using to build your website is that it saves you a lot of time.

How to create a website from scratch | How To Design a Website With WordPress.

“The best way & the only way to learn how to create a website is by making a website step-by-step alongside as you are learning the skill…”

Expert Website Developer.

There are 5 different stages of creating a professional website. In this tutorial, I will teach you step-by-step on each stage until you will become a pro web designer and start earning money with your skill.

– Web Hosting Set Up and Domain Registration Guide.

Step 1. Visit any of Bluehost, Dreamhost, or Qservers to register your website. (They are the best Webhosting for beginners)

how to create a website from scratch
Get Started With Bluehost
how to create a website from scratch
Qservers Homepage

Step 2. Choose your desired plan. (Remember the size of your website traffic will determine the choice of your plan.)

How to create a website from scratch
Bluehost Plans
how to create a website from scratch
Qservers Plans

Step 3. Set up your domain name or website name. Such as or (Remember, dot com are very competitive and more expensive, I will suggest you go for dot com dot ng if you are targeting the Nigerian market.)

how to create a website from scratch
Set Up Your Domain – Bluehost

NB: Use the widget below to check your domain name availability. It’s very easy to do.

how to create a website from scratch
Register Your Domain- Qservers

Step 4: Domain Availability Confirmation ( Don’t be afraid if at first, your domain name is not available- You can always choose another domain name till you find the available one)

how to create a website for free
How To Create A Website

Step 5 Create an account with your email and enter your payment information.

How To Create A Website
Sign Up and Enter Your Information
how to create a website
If you choose 500naira monthly, click Continue

Control Panel login and WordPress Installation.

Step 6 If you are using Bluehost, you don’t have to go through a separate WordPress installation process because Bluehost now installs WordPress by default.

After subscribing to your hosting plan, you’ll be prompted to choose a WordPress theme.

But if you are using Qservers, after making payment for your website plan. You will receive a confirmation email from your web host that contains your Cpanel (Control Panel link) logged in detail.

Click the Cpanel link from your email, and enter your login detail Example of a Cpanel link

(It’s very simple).

For Bluehost service provider. You will see something like this;

A bluehost theme

While for Qservers user, you will have to install WordPress from your Cpanel.

Select WordPress to install

WordPress Set Up and How To Install A WordPress Theme.

You’ll be asked to specify the name and tagline for your website after then you’ll be ready to get started with WordPress.

Video Guide On How To Install A WordPress Theme

Step 7 You can log in to your site by adding wp-admin to your URL. Here’s what your WordPress login URL should look like:-


You can now login to your WordPress website with the credentials sent to your email address.

How to design a website
WordPress Homepage

Change Your WordPress Theme.

Step 8 When you login into your WordPress, you will see something like the above image and you can easily change the visual appearance of your website.

All you need to do is to find the right WordPress theme and click install to download it in to your WordPress website.

WordPress Theme are already developed or designed websites you can edit or customized into your professional looking website.

There is a default WordPress theme but it is not good enough. So it’s always better to pick a different theme.

Finding the perfect theme will enable you to make the site truly yours, and give it that personal “you” feeling.

How To Find A Beautiful Website Theme on WordPress.

I usually use two WordPress theme makers to find my choice of WordPress themes: CSSigniter and Astra Site.

Step 9 To Install A New WordPress Theme, Click on Appearance > Theme > Add New > install > Activate.

Search For CSSIgniter to Install
how to install a wordpress theme
Find CSSigniter And Install

Once you’ve found the perfect theme, hover over its image and then click the Install button. Next, click the Activate button to change your website’s appearance.

Create Your Website Page, Menu, Widgets, and Add WordPress Plugins with Elementor Theme Editor.

Step 10 Introduction To Elementor Theme Editor.

This stage is a little complex, so you need to pay attention to details.
Elementor theme editor as the description implies is what you need to edit the WordPress Theme you earlier installed.

A Video Guide On How To Use Elementor Theme Builder

Step 11 Create Your Website Page.

To create your first page, head over to your page editor by clicking on Pages > Add New.

You’ll see the editor where you can start creating your page. You will need to add a title for your page before you start writing content in the page editor. Now click on the ’+’ button to add a block.

In the left-hand menu of your WordPress dashboard, you can find two similar options that are often confusing to beginners: Posts and Pages.

Choose Pages if you want to create standalone pages in your WordPress website such as Home, About Us page, Contact page, Terms of Service page, etc.

Don’t choose post yet. You haven’t gotten to that stage.

How to create a page
Create A Page

After clicking the + button, now select the block based on what you want to add to your page.

For example, if you want to add a paragraph, select the paragraph option, and if you want to add images select the image option by uploading an image from your local computer or select one from the library and so on.

Step 12 Add Navigation Menu

To add a navigation menu that sticks to the top of your website, so your visitors can easily explore your website you need to go to Appearance > Menus in your WordPress admin.

Specify the name for your navigation menu in the Menu Name field. Then, click Create Menu ( It’s very easy)

You can now choose from your existing pages, posts, custom links, and categories. After selecting what you feel deserves to be featured, click Add to Menu.

How to create a naviagtion menu
Create a Navigation Menu

With drag and drop, you can position the menu’s structure. Then, you’ll need to specify the display location and click Save Menu.

Step 13 Set up a Static Homepage.

WordPress shows the latest blog posts as the default homepage instead of a static page.

If you want to set a custom page as your homepage, then simply follow the steps below.

After creating a page, go to Settings > Click on Reading on your WordPress admin dashboard.

In the Your Homepage displays option, select the static page box and select the page you want to display as your front page in the dropdown menu.

Once you’re done, click the Save Changes button.

set up a static homepage

Step 14 Add and Customize Your Widgets

On your WordPress website, you can easily add widgets in your sidebar and other widget-ready locations like your site footer, header, etc.

Adding a widget allows you to add customized / dynamic content. It allows you to add things like menus, calendars, contact forms, galleries, and other nifty items on your website’s sidebar or footer area.

You can add a widget by going to Appearance > Widgets and select from the available widgets. You simply drag and drop your preferred features to the widget area of your WordPress site.

How To Add A Widget Area
How To Customize Your Widget.

Step 15 Install Necessary Plugins Into WordPress Site.

The beauty of WordPress is that you can easily enhance the capabilities of your website by simply installing the right plugins.
Plugins as apps or features for your website (i.e contact form, gallery, Video player, etc).

Just like WordPress themes, you can easily find and install free plugins from the WordPress plugins repository within your WordPress dashboard.

All you have to do is to visit Plugins > Add New. Use the search box in the right-hand corner to find a plugin, and click the Install Now button.
Once it’s installed, click the Activate button to get it working.

How to create a website
Adding a plugin

Configuring Your Website Search Engine Visibility, Permalink & Comment Features.

You’ll need to configure your website settings. Configuring the basic WordPress settings is important to how your site functions. There are a few key website settings you should focus on, we’ll go over those below.

Step 16 Check Search Engine Visibility.

Search Engine Visibility is what makes your website visible to Google. This allows your website to be ranked in search engine results, which will allow users to find you on the web easier.

In your WordPress dashboard, click on Settings, then click on the Reading section. In the Search Engine Visibility section, make sure the box is unchecked.

Step 17 Adjust Your Permanent Link (Permalink).

After checking your search engine visibility, you’ll want to set the permalink structure.

A permalink is the web address used to link to your content. By default, WordPress sets the permalink structure, but it’s not the most optimized.

Instead, you’ll want a permalink structure that will help search engines and your website visitors easily understand your content.

So, go to Settings, then click on Permalinks. Under Common Settings, select the Post name option.

permalink settings

Step 18 Enable Comments and Notifications Settings.

If you’re starting a blog or blogging on your website, you’ll also want to configure the comment settings for your website.

Any blog should allow users to comment on posts, this increases engagement on your website, boosts the time users spend on the page, and encourages to visit your website again.

To configure the comments, go to Settings, then Discussion. Here you can choose whether you want to allow people to comment on new articles and allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new articles.

How To Create A New Blog Post On Your Website.

To create your first blog post, in the WordPress dashboard, click on Posts, and then Add New.

This will take you to the WordPress editor where you can start writing your post. Simply type in the title of your blog post and start typing the body of the post underneath it.

In the blog posts, you can add blocks such as images, headings, audio, gallery, quotes, list, video, and more.

To add a new block, click on the + button in the top left corner. The most common blocks will appear first. Simply click the block you want to add within your blog post.

Add Categories and Tags
When creating a blog post you’ll also want to add categories and tags. Categories and tags will keep the blog content on your website organized and make it easy for your site visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Categories are meant to be broad groupings. For example, a news blog can give football news, golf news, boxing news, and athletics news under Sports Category.

To add a category to your blog post, go to the gear panel on the right-hand side. Under the Categories section, click Add New Category.

Add title to your blog. Create high-quality content about your business and click the blue Publish button in the top right-hand corner to make your blog post live on your website.

Bonus Tip: How to Add a Contact Form to Your Website

No matter your site’s niche, size, and purpose, adding a contact form is important.

When you have contact forms added to your website, your visitors can easily reach out to you right from your website without having to log into their email account.

My best contact form plugin for WordPress beginners is Form Maker & Contact Form. It lets you create contact forms with a drag and drop builder and allows you to publish the forms you create anywhere on your site with ease.

In Conclusion

Building a professional website has become easy but not without paying attention to details.

To get started on how to create a website visit Bluehost, Dreamhost, or Qservers to sign up for a website plan and follow the steps in the image below.

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