How To Buy LED Screen For Church In Nigerian – 6 Mistakes To Avoid.

LED screen for church in Nigeria
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Multimedia innovations are moving very fast and it’s important that any organization such as churches or multinational companies, that usually engage in mass communication or publicly addressing a large number of people should try as much as possible to follow the trend of multimedia growth which include the introduction of giant LED screens to display to church stages to carry the large congregation along.

In this article, you are going to learn the procedures to follow in other to acquire LED screens for churches in Nigeria be it Lagos, Abuja, or any major city in Nigeria. The growing use of LED displays by Nigerian churches has made the demands for LED screens and video wall screens skyrocket.

Before we proceed, Virads Media is a multimedia company that is vast in LED screen sales in Nigeria, including display installation, panel configuration, and LED screen rentals for concerts, events, and church activities in Nigeria. We have over 7years of experience in this LED screen business and we strongly believe we have what it takes to teach you how to buy LED screens for churches in Nigeria and the major mistakes to avoid.

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As seen in the above video. LED screens in churches are now being used to facilitate the easy and convenient sharing of information with church congregations locally and globally. Making religious events more fun and exciting as the view of an LED screen on the church stage gives an overall lift to the image of the auditorium.

Notable LED Screen For Church Project in Nigeria.

LED screen for church in Nigeria
Centre Screen and The Two Units Wing Screens of the newly Installed LED Screen Church Project by ExcelLED.

One of the recent Church indoor LED Screen Projects installed by one of our screen partners is the Living Spring Chapel Ibadan, Nigeria.

The Total dimension of the project is 66 square meters, ranging from the 36SQM Center screen (9 meters x 4 meters) or ( 29.5feet by 13.1 Feet) and each wings screens as shown in the image above is 4 meters x 2.5meters (13.1 by 8.2 feet) each, making a total of 20SQM for the two units wing screens.

The Stage Monitor screen is also 4 meters x 2.5meters (10SQM). A stage monitor LED screen is the one positioned in front of the person speaking on stage, while the center and the wing screens were positioned behind the preacher.

Although we are not allowed to publish the price of the 66 SQM LED screen project for Living Spring Chapel, in this post, we will give you a range of how to calculate the average price of LED screens for churches in Nigeria in US dollars and Naira.

LED Screen Type

This project adopts Excelled Indoor Fixed P3.9 and P6 LED display. The indoor screen has low brightness, wide view range, high grayscale, and top-notch resolution with clarity that brings you the crispy experience of High Definition quality.

Should you need more information in choosing the best chruch LED screen either to buy or rent in Nigeria, kindly contact us now.

Virads Media

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying LED Screen For Church In Nigeria – Take Note of Number 6.

Church LED screen Installation Process

In recent years, the LED screen has become an important tool for places of worship, especially those with large congregation churches that put their member’s comfort in mind. As church LED screens or video walls are rapidly growing among churches in Nigeria the visual benefits are worthy of note as they make our services more compelling and entertaining.

Here are a few of the common mistakes to avoid when buying a church LED screen or video wall in Nigeria.

  1. Mistake of Buying The Wrong Type Of LED Screen Your Church Deserves.

There are two types of LED screen functionalities; Indoor and Outdoor. So in other to get the right desired screen for your congregation usage you must first consider if you need it for Indoor usage or Outdoor.

Both functionalities also come with either Fixed or Mobile capacity. How they designed a Fixed Indoor LED screen is different from the Mobile Indoor LED screen. Although both might have the same resolution, the compartments and panels are different.

So if your church is an open space or made with a transparent Macquee canopy with high illumination from the sunshine, then investing in an Outdoor Church LED screen would be suitable for your church’s needs.

Contrary to this, if your worship center is in a room or warehouse, or enclosed auditorium it is advisable to buy Indoor Church LED wall/screen.

Outdoor church LED screen cabinets have added safety features or protections that are not needed in indoor church LED screens. As LED screens designed for outdoor or open yard crusade or church service needs an extra layer of protection against impacts and penetration caused by rain, sand dust, and other hazardous particles.

In summary, the Church LED screen display you need to invest in depends on the environment where it will be installed and used. That’s why it is always good to engage the service of a Professional LED screen consultant to make help you choose the best-LED screen for your church.

NB: Virads Media is one of the most innovative LED screen acquisition consultants in Nigeria, contact us today to assist you.

2. Mistake of Buying The Wrong LED screen Size or Dimension.

church LED screen dimension
A Church with a small screen size display

To get the perfect LED screen display for your church you need to consider the size of the auditorium, the congregation, and the closeness of each viewer to the LED screen projection.

To avoid waste of money and ineffective projection from screen to audiences the following important factors are to be considered;

The Budget: LED stage screen prices in Nigeria is not cheap and the recent rise in dollar exchange to naira had made it look expensive. From most of the projects, we have handled the cheapest price budget for the church LED screen project was $7,500 for a 9 square meters screen size. We advised you to always prepare a notable budget for your LED screen project before involving the service of an LED screen consultant.

The Church Size: Secondly, the size of the auditorium where the LED screen will be positioned is also important. Smaller church sizes and congregations may purchase a smaller LED screen display size and the Larger auditorium or church should acquire a Larger LED screen size.

Church Architecture Design: The construction of some church auditorium are likely going to affect the shape and size of the LED screen that would be effective at the worship center. Things like Pillars, dividers, types of Furniture, and other fixtures can obstruct some church members’ views.

Viewing Distance To The Audience: For the most effective Church LED screen usage in any church, the screen must be positioned at a height that will consider the back row seats. The height is usually 1/10 while the screen width is determined by using the aspect ratio.

If you need further assistance with your church LED screen project. Kindly contact us today.

3. Inadequate Planning Of Power Supply For Your Church LED Screen.

In a Nation like Nigeria where inadequate power supply is predominant, it is important to plan for sufficient power supply along with your plans of buying a Church LED screen for your ministry. However, if your church is currently adequately served by a 50KVA and above diesel-powered generator, you can still accommodate up to 40SQM of LED screen display with full resolution and brightness.

There are two types of LED screen surfaces that determine the power consumption of an LED screen. The DIP and SMD. The DIP consumes much more energy than the SMD (Surface Mounted Diodes) so when buying a Church LED screen in Nigeria, always buy the type that consumes less energy which is the SMD.

4. Mistake of Buying Modules Instead of Cabinets.

An LED Screen Cabinet
LED screen Module
An LED screen Module

Buying a set of modules for your church LED screen project is a long-time mistake that might lead to a waste of investment for your ministry. Modules are smaller components that make one cabinet, so instead of buying one full cabinet, some churches make the mistake of assembling the modules individually, whereby ending in modules breaking down separately without spare parts to fix them.

Our advice is to avoid buying modules separately, as some Chinese manufacturing companies might play smart on your intelligence and convince you to buy cheaper Modules separately and assemble it by yourself, as the total cost will be cheaper compared to cabinets of the same dimension/size. Unfortunately, you will need to pay more for Module configuration and installation and spend more for faulty in the future.

So try as much as possible to avoid the mistake of buying Modules instead of Cabinets.

5. Mistake of Buying a Lower Refresh Rate LED Screen For A Church That Needs High Refresh Rate LED screen

An LED screen cabinet
A High Refresh Rate LED screen

There are two types of LED screen Refresh rates; 3840hz and 1920hz refresh rates.

If your church is a high-impact church that Televises most of your services either online TV or terrestrial television, the type of LED screen to buy is the one with a high refresh rate which is 3840hz because this is the type of LED screen that so clearly through other cameras. That are no water ripples when taking pictures and when viewed on Television by viewers online or at home.

But if your church doesn’t run telecast ministry you can buy the low refresh rate LED screen for your church and 1920Hz is always cheaper than the 3840Hz refresh rate.

6. Mistake of Not Engaging The Service of a Professional LED Screen Consultant before Buying Your Screen.

LED screen diaplay

If you don’t want to commit any of the above mistakes, then you may have to engage the service of a professional LED screen consultant like Virads Media. Buying an LED screen for your church is a big project and it is best handled by professionals, who will analyze your church capacity, the dimension best suitable for you, and the other factors to consider.

Virads Media has a wealth of experience to protect your LED screen investment and help you install, and maintain it for a longer period of time. Although we charge to consult for LED screens we love to bring a smile to your face first and foremost.

LED Screen For Church In Nigeria: Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What Are The Content That Chruch LED Screen Can Display?
Church LED wall display of a church in Nigeria

Transforming your church stage back-drop into a digital wall of video LED screen is a stylish and wonderful way to communicate with the congregation visually and aesthetically.

There are a couple of things that LED screens for church can be used for;

Church Digital and Animated Banners: Rather than holding paper flyers to your congregation, your graphics department will have a good way to express their creativity to the church congregation through the LED screen.

Song Lyrics During Praise and Worship: It’s old school now to be singing psalms from hymn books. It’s best done when displayed on the giant screen in big fonts for both young and old to visibly read and sing along.

Live Camera Footages: Let everyone see what is going on around the church, the congregation cross-session, the preacher’s close shots, and the people in the back rows. This is actually a great way to connect with the audience during the service.

Scripture Verses and Sermon Points: With an LED screen in your church, the media department can boldly project the message from the Holy Scriptures as the preacher is dishing them out one after the other.

Also, the sermon points would not be missed by the congregation as the LED screen will be helpful to keep all congregations abreast with the preacher’s key points.

Dynamic Beautiful Animated Visuals: There are millions of decorative visuals that are available to beautify and entertain the congregation during a program. The LED Screen center screen is in a good position to project decorative visuals for you.

No more hiring interior decorators to put clothes across your church backdrop as that is an old-school era.

2. What Pixel Pitch Is Best For My Church LED Screen Display?

LED Screen Wall Background on a Church Stage.

Understanding the term Pixel pitch is a bit technical but if you pay attention, you will have a better understanding. Pixel pitch is responsible for the visual performance of an LED screen display and the clarity of the images the viewers will see.

The pixel pitch and the viewing distance are also directly related, as the smaller the pitch the shorter the viewing distance required to clearly see the images shown on the screen.

In other terms, the closer the viewing distance, the closer the distance between the LED diodes is needed. For indoor LED screens for churches, low pixel pitch is recommended.

Contrarily, the farther the viewing distance, the higher the pixel pitch value that is needed for a perfect viewing experience.

pitch pixel of an  LED screen

Usually, LED screens with higher pixel pitch are cheaper in cost compared to LEd screens with smaller pixel pitches.

Hence, the best pixel pitch for church LED screens in Nigeria are the lower pixel screens. Here are some of the specifications of an LED screen pitch;
Indoor modules(320 x 160mm): P1, P1.2, P1.3, P1.5, P1.6, P1.8, P2, P2.5, P3.0, P4.
Outdoor modules(320x160mm): P5, P6.66, P8, P10.

Benefits Of Using A Church LED Screen.

benefits of using LED screen in your church in Nigeria

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